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I'm Abigail

We've all had a moment where we've wondered if our life can make an impact on the world. Where we've grown discontent with the status quo. We watched headlines and news channels talking about human trafficking but never considering being part of the solution.
That was me nearly ten years ago, unaware of stories that made up the second-largest criminal industry in the world. A collection of stories changed that for me; first, it was the documentary I saw, and then it was sitting knee to knee with survivors of exploitation and trafficking in my hometown of Dallas, TX, and throughout Southeast Asia.  

Their stories changed me as I began to see a market driven by demand for paid rape, cheap chocolate, and fast fashion was violating people's human rights around the world. 
So, I set out to educate my community about the underlying social issues that led to trafficking and exploitation. But, the stories of survivors of trafficking worldwide have been silenced and overlooked for too long; without them, there would be no shift in culture, so I decided to do what I do best: pour a cup of coffee and invite people to tell their stories. It was time to stop being a spectator and start being a changemaker

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I want you to live your best anti-trafficking allyship life.

In a slew of misinformation and social stigma, we are gathering credible information and amplifying survivors of exploitation and trafficking. 


I want to be your one-stop-shop for all things abolition. 

I can help you figure out if your chocolate is made by the slave labor of African children. 


I can give you resources to remain healthy as an ally for365 days a year not just for one trendy red-X day. 

I can assist you in how to talk to your loved ones about these challenging topics so you can keep yourself, your family, and your community safe.  
The Abolitionist Collective is not just a project that fuels social change through education. 


We are a collective of voices determining to build a world where everyone is free. We bring a global community together in my virtual living room to impact the world for good. 


Join the journey. 


We’ve been waiting for you. 


how we started

from spectator to changemaker 

I believe in building a world where everyone is free (and has choices!), the kind that allows each human soul to step into their unique destiny. I created The Abolitionist Collective to be what I never had. A collective that empowers you with the information you need to become a changemaker in the fight against human trafficking.


I’m on an ever-evolving journey of unpacking cultural narratives that enables exploitation. I dive deep into living a justice lifestyle and moving beyond the hashtags to abolition. I hope that here you will find the inspiration to be part of the collective and the resources you need to stay in the fight. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here.


At 17, my soul was discontent with the status quo, so I packed my bags and headed to Southeast Asia. I found myself walking the humid streets of a bustling city filled with spicy new foods and smiling people. I didn’t grow up planning to become an advocate for social change.

But, the stories of the people inside the commercial sex industry came alive to me. Like turning a kaleidoscope, the intersectionality’s of trafficking and the institution of prostitution looked different with each stubble turn. I found myself wondering how together we could build a future where everyone is free. 


Will you become a part of ending social stigma and misinformation about human trafficking? 

Will you listen as we amplify the voices of survivors of trafficking and exploitation across the globe?  

Will you become a changemaker that's shifting culture?

We are a collective of voices determining to build a future where everyone is free. We are a global community committed to impacting the world for good.

Did you know? Exploitation is the experience of those with the fewest choices, the most marginalized, and vulnerable people in the world.

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atomic habits by: james clear


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breaking the social stigma of trafficking & exploitation

“ There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”


changemaker group

 the abolitionist creed

I believe every human being is worthy of dignity, and bodies are not commodities that should not be bought and sold.   


I believe we need to build a future where everyone is free and does not 

 legitimize pimping, brothel-keeping, or sex buying.  


 I believe that ending demand for the commercial sex industry starts with what I consume, from pornography to the products I buy. 


I believe every person should be free. 

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be come the change.


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