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Your passion, time, and talents are vital to this movement's success. Age, geographical location, or resources are no barriers – take action today and make an impact. Start making a difference in the fight against trafficking right now.

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Interning offers valuable hands-on experience in the anti-trafficking field, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world injustice. It provides a chance to learn from seasoned allies and survivors, expanding your network and gaining insights into industry practices. Additionally, internships can enhance your resume and increase your potential for future career and service opportunities.

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what we do

We value and embrace every person, choice providing a safe and judgment-free space where they are truly loved. Meeting each person exactly where they are.


Supportive Framework: We meet women where they are in the sex industry, ensuring an open line of communication by sharing our contact number for whenever they wish to reach out. We extend an invitation to foster connections beyond the industry.

Community-Centric Care: Beyond the Sex Industry, we cultivate a community that's committed to their well-being. We're dedicated to addressing a range of needs, whether it's guiding towards addiction recovery or linking with restoration programs.

Holistic Assistance: Our holistic approach includes aiding in securing essentials such as housing, job skills training, and education, ensuring their overall well-being.

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what you can do

Host an eye-opening awareness event in your community! You won't want to miss it! Our Founder, Abigail, has devoted ten years to fighting trafficking and exploitation, and she'll be there to share her experiences with women and children, shining a light on the challenges they endure. And that's not all – we have a brave survivor of trafficking who will be sharing their powerful story too! Get ready with your questions for the Q&A session, and let's come together to do justice.

You have the power to spread love and support to women in strip clubs through our gift drive! Let's show them they're not alone and that our community cares deeply. One way you can partner with us is by filling gift bags with toiletries and beauty products – they're tangible symbols of love! Think of it like a "food-drive," but for beauty products! It's a practical and meaningful way for your community to actively participate in the fight against exploitation.

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