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who the collective is

There are more strip clubs in the United States than in any other nation in the world. Based on an analysis of 32,000 cases of trafficking found that most trafficking in strip clubs involves U.S. citizens and Eastern European women and girls.


Trafficking is the world's fastest-growing organized crime, The Collective is a group of allies and survivors of exploitation and trafficking committed to building a world where everyone is free.


We've partnered with local survivor-led outreach in Dallas/Fort Worth and Midwest to provide resources and support to women in the commercial sex industry.

what we do



We meet women where they are at and let them know they are valued, loved, and welcome to a judgment-free relationship on their terms.



Extend an opportunity to connect outside the commercial sex industry we offer a weekly support group and our phone number in case she ever wants to reach out.



We connect her with basic necessities like housing, job skills training, and education. As well as day-retreats and therapy to support her healing journey.


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