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Fundraising With the Abolitionist Collective


Here at the Abolitionist Collective, we believe in a world where everyone is free. We are changemakers who have big goals and dreams for the coming season. As an anti-trafficking collective we are hoping everyone will come along side us in this journey and support us along the way. We want each and every person we come across to become a changemaker themselves and we are inviting you to join us in the fundraising process. Whether you become a monthly contributor or start your own fundraising campaign for The Abolitionist Collective, we are here to help.

Fundraising can seem daunting at first.

However, We believe that fundraising should not be that intimidating. It should simply be an outpour of our own passions to ignite those same passions in others. That transfer of zeal is what can and will spark others to contribute to anti-trafficking work. Fundraising should be a simple outpour of information to let others know what is happening in your organization and invite them into the process.

So here we have 5 fundamental tips for fundraising.

1. First, remember your ‘why’. While you are fundraising for the Abolitionist Collective, you must remember why you yourself got involved and what you are working towards. Why are you passionate about this movement, these people, and this work? Why do you personally want to be a part of it?

2. Once you understand your ‘why’, talk about it. Share it with others. Oftentimes our voice is what will spark others to action. On the bus or at a friend's dinner party, you have the ability to share what the Abolitionist Collective is doing. If you are excited about it, most of the time others will be as well. Especially those closest to you. If people do not know what you are working towards, how will they be able to help when the time comes. Fundraising takes a community.

3. Know your information. A Lot of the time, donors will ask a ton of questions. And rightly so, their money is going into the hands of someone else. We want to be honoring to both the organization we are fundraising for and the donors who are supporting us. We should accurately know and be able to describe what the organization stands for and is doing as well as accurately presenting it to those who are interested in what their finances are going to.

4. Don't be afraid to go out of your way to ask people for donations. Now I know that is easier said than done. But what I mean is that the worst people can say is “no”. That's it. A simple ‘no’. Many times during my fundraising days, I wouldn’t ask anyone that I wasn’t 100% sure would say yes, but so often it was the people I least expected who gave the most. Ask Everyone. At one point I reached out to my dad's old high school friend that would occasionally send Christmas gifts throughout the years. I’ve never met the man, but he had no kids of his own and kind of felt like a long-lost uncle. I sent him a letter explaining that I was fundraising and asked if he would be interested in partnering with me. He responded, “never ask me for money again” and sent a $1,000 check. I never did ask him again, but he ended up supporting my cause for years to come just from seeing me post about it on social media. Long story short, this slightly cynical old man still donated even after he said no. I did not pressure him or send him numerous emails. I simply asked one time and from that came years of financial support for the non-profit I was working with at the time. Trust that even the most unexpected people can still want to support you or have a passion to see the world change in the same ways you do.

5. Get creative! I have seen some sensational fundraising strategies over the years. The key is to take an activity you love and turn it into a fundraiser. Ex: if you are a runner, pick a place and a distance, wear a shirt for the organization and ask people to sponsor you for each mile. If you have someone giving $50 per mile and you run a marathon. You would have raised around $1,300 and funded interviews with 16 survivors of trafficking. It is all about sticking with what you love. If you love the activities in a fundraiser, it then becomes a lot more… well… fun.

Pick a Journey, Become a Change Maker


Get Athletic

5k Run

Hike a Mountain

Have a dance Marathon

Host a track n field day

Use your skills to teach a sport for donations

(ex: As a dancer, I can host a dance class by donation only)

Gather Together

Give Up Your Day

There are so many ways to fundraise and enjoy doing it at the same time. You simply must remember your 'why', share it, know your info, ask everyone, and get creative. We know that the beginning stages of fundraising can be a bit overwhelming, so we are here to help with any resources needed. The world is changing and we are lucky to be apart of it. We are thankful for all those change makers joining us who also believe that in time, we can and will live in a world where people are free.


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